Three expat women in UAE including Barbra, Oana and Rachel are the latest winner of Mazhooz Draw in Dubai

Dubai: Three expat women — a Filipina, Romanian and Uganda — are now individually Dh100,000 richer after winning in the latest Mahzooz raffle draw.

Rachel, a single mother from the Philippines; Oana, a Romanian expat who is newly-wed; and Barbara, a security staff working in Abu Dhabi who is originally from Uganda, said they are all planning to use their Mahzooz winnings to improve the lives of their families and themselves.

Mother/ family driver

Rachel has been living in Dubai for 15 years. She works as a driver for a family in the UAE and has two children back home. She heard about Mahzooz from a friend. She said: “I was shocked when I learnt that I had won. In fact, I could not sleep the whole night after the draw. I told my mother back in the Philippines and she was very happy for me. I have had some financial challenges lately and thanks to Mahzooz, I can sort them out. The remainder, I will use to build a house in my home country.”

Lucky newly-wed

Oana from Romania is currently based in Ras Al-Khaimah, where she runs her own business. A loyal Mahzooz participant, she said: “Initially, I thought I had won the third prize of Dh350, but then I checked, and to my surprise it was Dh100,000! This was unforeseen because I didn’t imagine I would win again, as this was not the first time I won with Mahzooz. I’ve already been a second prize winner in the past, sharing Dh1 million with others, and I am very thankful. I plan to use the money to expand my business and perhaps, one day, score the top prize.”

Spend wisely

Barbara, who works as a security staff and has been in the country for the past nine years, for her part, said: “I was extremely surprised that I had won such a large amount of money. Initially, I didn’t even believe it. For now, I don’t have any plans yet to how I will spend the money, but I know I will spend it wisely.”

How to participate?

The top prize of Dh10 million is again up for grabs in the next Mahzooz live draw that will be held on Saturday, June 25, at 9pm (UAE time). Entrants can participate by registering on Mahzooz app and website, and purchasing a bottle of water for Dh35.