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Dubai: When it comes to noisy neighbours, where do you draw the line?

With the majority of residents confined to their homes due to COVID-19 precautions for weeks on end, its inevitable to hear your neighbours more than you’d like. During the Eid holidays – when curfew restricted the movement of residents from 8pm to 6am – one tenant in particular could no longer handle his unruly, noisy neighbours any longer.

In a tweet, social media user Hussein Al Rohome shared his friend’s message of gratitude for Dubai Police’s swift response who addressed the loud music of the rowdy neighbours.

Al Rohome shared his friend’s message, who remained anonymous, and tagged Dubai Police while thanking them for coming to his friend’s assistance.

The message to Dubai Police, which was also liked by the authority, said: “I would like to tell you that after some heavy nights with people in the neighbour apartment making an incredible party noise during three nights, I had to call Dubai Police to slow them down. That’s what Emaar security asked me to do as they could not manage the situation anymore.”

“The policemen were coming very fast, extremely professional, very quiet, friendly and helpful behaviour. They tried to solve the solution with those aggressive… I wish the police in my country would be similar as yours here. Congratulations to your staff. Unfortunately, I cannot tell them how much I appreciated the way of doing the difficult job. Shukran to them!”

What’s the noise limit in Dubai?

According to Dubai Municipality, construction work during the day should not exceed 55 decibels. To have an idea on what the decibels mean, you can compare it to other every day sounds. For example, an average bird call is recorded at 44 decibels while the noise from a motorcycle can be at 100 decibels.

The permitted noise level during the day ranges from 40-50 decibels, while 30-40 decibels is acceptable at night.

How to file a noise complaint

If a noisy house party is going on, tenants should first complain with the building’s management, watchman or security personnel. Depending on the situation, and the urgency, tenants can also contact Dubai Police directly on the non-emergency hotline 901.

If the noise complaint is against a construction company, you can lodge a complaint with Dubai Municipality through calling their toll-free number 800 900.