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A scene from Mleiha desert in Sharjah, UAE.

Sharjah: In the heart of the mystical Mleiha desert, a transformative journey awaits. Prepare to embark on a three-day odyssey of enlightenment and discovery, as the Tanweer Sacred Music Festival beckons from November 24 to 26, 2023.

Conceived by the visionary Sheikha Bodour bint Sultan Al Qasimi, the Tanweer Sacred Music Festival is more than just an event; it’s a gateway to reconnecting with your ancestral roots and forging a deeper bond with our planet. It’s a voyage of the soul, an expedition of the heart, and an exploration of the mind.

Tickets to this profound event are now within your grasp, offering a chance to explore the depths of wisdom and wellbeing.

But there’s more! Be among the first 150 to seize this opportunity, and you’ll unlock the most coveted discounts on tickets. Whether you choose a single-day pass or opt for the full festival experience, in General Admission (GA) or Golden Circle (GC), your journey to enlightenment begins here.


Visit the festival’s website at or secure your tickets on

Tanweer has designed this limited-period early-bird offer to celebrate the festival’s most ardent enthusiasts, pricing the first phase of tickets between Dh462 for a festival day pass and Dh2,317 for a three-day festival pass.

In the subsequent phases, one can expect to purchase these tickets at full price.

Artists from around the world

Anticipate an extraordinary festival experience featuring internationally renowned world musicians in captivating concerts, rejuvenating ancient body-mind practices like yoga, breathwork, and Zikr (remembrance), a wellness-oriented culinary journey with a plethora of diverse vegetarian options, and exclusive access to open-air art and design showcases crafted by local installation artists.

Each performer wholeheartedly embraces the festival’s ethos, sharing a profound desire to connect with the timeless wisdom and teachings of our ancestors.

Stellar line-up of performers at Tanweer Sacred Music Festival

Nawa Band, founded in 2009 by Ibrahim Muslimani in Aleppo, Syria, will connect festival-goers with Syria’s glorious musical past, performing sacred and secular compositions of Muwashahat and Qudud, particularly forgotten masterpieces from the 20th century.

The celebrated traditional Sufi Qawwali ensemble, Fanna-Fi-Allah, is bringing the authentic spirit of Qawali to the UAE, while continuing to promote their message of universal tolerance by bridging the East and West.

Kino MacGregor, a highly sought-after yoga expert from Miami and the visionary behind Omstars, the world’s pioneering yoga TV network, is joining the festival to share her inspiring message of spiritual resilience that resonates globally.

Master Can, 34th generation Shaolin warrior monk, will generously share the profound wisdom of QiGong and martial arts with the festival attendees.

Lina Nahhas, an Arab-Canadian based in Dubai, who introduced the 5Rhythms practice to the region in 2010, will use movements and the nourishing energy of her dynamic practice to set spirits free and ground them in the present moment.

Renowned Iranian-American dance ethnologist, preservationist and Yarsan Sufi Master, Farima Berenji, will share her uniquely spiritual and healing renditions of the ancient and sacred dances of Persia and the Silk Road with festival attendees.

Nature, culture and wellness at Tanweer Sacred Music Festival

Tanweer’s organisers are making this event a three-day experience by offering meaningful add-ons like camping under the stars, horse riding, and moon gazing.

Festival-goers can further partake in guided excursions to Jebel Buhais and the Mleiha Archaeological Centre, a repository of prehistoric relics, offering comprehensive insights into UAE’s post-Iron Age human settlement history.

The Tanweer Sacred Music Festival has forged significant partnerships with a growing list of prominent entities from both the public and private sectors in the UAE. These esteemed partners include Emaar Properties PJSC, Al Marwan Group, ASAS Real Estate, Invest Bank, Mohamed Hilal Group and Thumbay Group. Together, these organisations have united in their commitment to champion the festival’s cultural and humanistic message.