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Sharjah Police have launched a campaign to raise awareness on how to protect vehicles from thefts. Image Credit: Screengrab

Sharjah: The Sharjah Police General Command, represented by the Comprehensive Police Stations Department and in cooperation with the Media and Public Relations Department, the Community Police Department, and the Central Region Police Department, launched an awareness campaign under the slogan ‘Secure to Stay Safe’, which will last for a month. The campaign was launched in cooperation with Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority and Tawjeh centre, with the aim of reducing vehicle thefts and rectifying behaviours that can create conditions that can trigger thefts such as leaving vehicle with their engines running. The campaign aims to raise awareness among the members of the public and urges motorists to cooperate with the law-enforcement agencies in order to prevent thefts.

Sharjah Police have advised motorists not to leave their vehicles with their engines running and with no one inside, or leave car doors unlocked, or leave the keys with random cleaners to park vehicles.

Colonel Yousef Obaid Bin Harmoul, Director of the Comprehensive Police Stations Department at Sharjah Police, stressed the leadership’s keenness to enhance security awareness among all members of the society.

Colonel Bin Harmoul indicated that the campaign includes tips of awareness in three languages — Arabic, English and Urdu — with a full explanation on how to prevent vehicle theft through raising awareness on social media platforms of Sharjah Police, electronic display screens at vehicle service centres and also by disseminating safety instructions on various other mass media channels.

Colonel Yousef Obaid Bin Harmoul

He also urged people not to leave valuables in their vehicles, not to park vehicles in isolated or poorly-lit areas and to avoid parking in sand lots for long stretches. Residents were also advised to invest in a good anti-theft car alarm system.

Owners whose cars have been broken into have been urged to immediately alert the police and not to touch the vehicle until police arrive. Installing a global positioning system (GPS) in the car could also help trace stolen cars, police said.

Col Bin Harmoul advised motorists to report any suspicious behaviour by calling the number 999 for emergencies and serious incidents or report any serious emergency to the guard service through the Sharjah Police General Command application.

How to prevent car thefts and break-ins:

Never leave the vehicle while the engine is on, even for a few minutes.

Do not leave car doors unlocked.

Do not leave the vehicle parked in dark, poorly-lit areas overnight.

Avoid parking in remote places or in sandy areas for long periods.

Never leave valuables exposed in the car.

Always park your car in well-lit and safe places that are monitored by CCTV.

Invest in a car anti-theft alarm.

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Sharjah Police have urged the public to remain vigilant and alert and to report any suspicious movement or behaviour to Sharjah Police on 901 for non-emergencies and 999 for emergencies, or on its toll-free number 800151 or through