Sharjah Police are warning visitors to the emirate's beach not to swim in unauthorised areas after a teenager and a man drowned near Coral Beach Hotel last Saturday.

"Most of the drowning incidents [that] took place last month occurred in unauthorised areas that had warning signs, which were installed by Sharjah Municipality in various languages including Hindi, Urdu, Arabic and English," said Colonel Abdullah Sultan Al Khayal, director of moral guidance and public relations at Sharjah Police.

"The number of accidents is continuing to rise despite constant police warnings. Sharjah Police are taking precautionary measures by adding more warning signs in areas that have witnessed drowning accidents this year," said Col Al Khayal, who said people continue to swim during rough winds and bad weather. Col Al Khayal urged people to check the weather forecast before going out for a swim.

He said Sharjah Police rescue and ambulance teams, in addition to police traffic patrols, were present along beaches and were well prepared to immediately intervene and respond to emergencies.