The school attended by twins Sarah and Sumaiyah. Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News

Fujairah: Schools in Rul Dadna opened as usual on Tuesday, but something was amiss in the atmosphere of the campuses where the seven siblings studied until Sunday.

At Al Dana Kindergarten School, where five-year-old twins Sara and Sumaiyah had just begun schooling last September, the teachers and other staff were silent in their grief, while the little pupils went about their activities, too young to understand grief.


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A few kilometres away on the other side of the east coast highway, Dadna School’s campuses for boys and girls are located next to each other where Ahmed, 10, Ali, 8, and Shaikha, 9 studied.

Though, the schools were operating in full strength the atmosphere around the campuses suggests otherwise.

As the Gulf News team entered the girls’ campus, a hushed silence greeted us, giving an impression that there was no one around.

Though normal classes were being conducted at both campuses, the students and the staff seemed lost.

Though the teachers and staff were unavailable to speak with Gulf News, their silence said it all.