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In line with Smart Dubai’s 2021 vision to prepare the nation to embrace the future and emerge as a world-leading city, the Dubai Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) and BackLite Media have signed a AED1 billion to deliver smart, world-class advertising solutions in Dubai. COURTESY RTA Image Credit: Supplied

DUBAI These outdoor signanges will be a common sight on Dubai roads after Dubai Roads & Transport Authority signed a Dh1 billion landmark deal with

BackLite Media, an out-of-home advertising company. The 12-year contract will see BackLite deliver the signages across 26 locations along Shaikh Zayed Road, including Golden Boulevard – between Dubai World Trade Centre and Interchange 1 – and up to the Mall of the Emirates. Taking both the visual appeal and the overall cityscape into consideration, the new signages integrate the best in modern technology with features such as smart data tracking. An intelligent data system will allow advertisers target their audiences more efficiently with real-time content.