RIF Trust helps you maximise your chances in obtaining a second citizenship to the country of your choice Image Credit: Supplied

With the government starting to slowly lift restrictions and airlines starting to increase flights, the post-pandemic world has compelled investors to re-evaluate their priorities. As they do, smart investors will look at increasing their mobility and access to countries that provide a safe haven.

Many UAE expatriates from neighbouring countries such as Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, India, Pakistan and Africa holding “weaker passports” with limited visa-free travel were caught off guard as they were unable to obtain travel visas with consulates closed. Having a plan B through a second citizenship has allowed high-net-worth immigrant investors to find the stability and safety they desire.

“Three types of investors have emerged. The first type is seeking a higher quality of life through greater visa-free travel and better access to world-class healthcare and education. The second type is looking to divest their business out of their home country and reinvest and diversify their capital into a strong and stable economy. The third type is looking to expand their business or real estate portfolio into Europe and the Caribbean through fantastic investment opportunities”, explains Mimoun Assraoui, CEO of RIF Trust.

Now is the best time to consider securing a second citizenship because:

● Many Caribbean countries for a limited time have updated their programmes making them more attractive and affordable for families seeking a second citizenship

● With just a small deposit, applications can be started remotely while you are at home

● Governments remain operational with processing times short and predictable. However, as the pandemic slows down, we anticipate an increase in demand with longer processing times

● A second citizenship is a critical component to a family’s overall estate and investment planning

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