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Pictures from last year's camel trek Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Are you interested in experiencing the life of a Bedouin and navigate the vast UAE desert on a camel for a fortnight?

The Hamdan Bin Mohammed Heritage Center (HHC) has announced that registration is now open for camel training. No prior experience is required. The training will teach participants to learn the basics of camel riding and taking care of a dromedary. They will also learn how to maintain physical balance during the long desert trek.

Aside from the physical training, participants are also required to mentally prepare themselves and get acquainted with the camels.

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Camel racing is also an option Image Credit: Supplied

Those who will qualify can join the 7th edition of the annual Camel Trek, organised by HHC, and the subsequent Camel Trek Marathon for Expats, which debuted in February this year during the Crown Prince of Dubai Festival for Arabian Camels.

According to HHC, “the aim of the Camel Trek is to create a similar atmosphere to the one in the past when Bedouins used to navigate and travel in the desert. It is about sustaining an iconic symbol of the desert environment.”

HHC added: “It requires a high level of fitness and training to join the desert voyage. Participants have to get used to riding a camel and learn how to travel in a convoy aside from getting familiar with life in the desert.”

But it will be an experience of a lifetime, according to Abdullah Hamdan bin Dalmook, CEO of the HHC.

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Pictures from the last edition of the camel trek Image Credit: Supplied

He said: “The annual camel trek will give you a unique desert experience how to live the old ways of the Bedouins. You will be connected with nature and also forge camaraderie with other participants”.

The last Camel Trek saw the participation of 18 camel riders, including nine Emiratis and nine expats, who completed a two-week, 700-km journey across the UAE desert. They set off from the Mender Al Aslab desert area and traversed Al Thurawaniah, Al Assab, Al Dhafra Fort, Al Marzoum, Al Shabika, Bugrin, North Razin, Al Haffar, Al Ajban and Saih Al Salam before concluding their trek at the Dubai Global Village

Hind Bin Demaithan Al Qemzi, Director of Events at HHC, said registration is now open for training to UAE nationals and expats.

The HHC has dedicated an online registration form on its website -