Ghara Lamb Ashrafiyan Image Credit: Supplied

Known popularly as the spicy lamb curry, this dish gets over-looked by more favoured items like butter chicken and chicken tikka. A recipe concocted using a lot of ingredients, it is an aroma based dish. This lamb dish brings out the traditional flavours of Indian food.

This spicy mouth watering lamb dish will make a perfect companion to different dishes like chapatti, paratha, biryani or even South Indian delicacies like idli and dosa.

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Quantity Ingredients
For Kofta
100 gms lamb, minced
20 gms lamb fat, minced
5 gms garlic, fried
5 gms ginger, chopped
to taste salt
3 gms garam masala powder
2 gms coriander powder
5 gms degi mirch powder
10 gms onion, fried
1 piece green chili, chopped
10 gms coriander leaves
2 gms turmeric powder
For gravy
2 gms green cardamom
2 gms bay leaves
2 gms cloves
2 gms black pepper
2 gms mace (javitri)
5 gms fennel seeds
50 gms cashew nut, paste
1 ladle lamb gravy, cooked
1 gm saffron, in water
100 gms plain yoghurt
10 gms ginger, julienne
5 gms green chili, slit
100 ml lamb stock, cooked
7 gms javitri elaichi
50 gms oil (sun flower)
5 gms cumin powder
to taste salt
5 gms yellow chilli
50 gms khoa
50 gms onion, fried



Preparation method

1. Mix all the ingredients for kofta in a mixing bowl. Rub nicely using your palm, and make small golf shaped balls.
2. Heat oil in a pan. Put fennel seeds, green cardamom, cloves, bay leaves, black pepper, javtri (mace), yoghurt, saffron, lamb stock and season lightly with salt. Bring to a boil.
3. Dip the meat balls and cook for 10mins.
4. Remove the meat ball & keep it aside.
5. Heat oil in a pan, and then add lamb gravy, cashew nut paste, cumin powder, javitri elichi powder, yellow chili powder, slit green chili & ginger julienne. Cook until the sauce begins to thicken.
6. Now add the cooked meat balls, seasoning with salt & finish with khoa.
7. Let your curry rest for 15 to 20 minutes after it’s done as it helps the spices mix together and the dish tastes better.
8. Reheat before serving and garnish with saffron threads.

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