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Rani Mukerji in 'Mardaani 2'. Image Credit: Yash Raj Films

She’s hot on the trail of baddies once again, but this time Bollywood star Rani Mukerji is taking things up a notch.

This week, ahead of the release of ‘Mardaani 2’, the sequel to 2014 hit action thriller, Mukerji will be in the UAE on December 12 to promote the film. While here, she will visit the Dubai Police’s Smart Station outpost in La Mer, and watch the film with members of the force at Vox Cinemas at City Centre Deira.

The events are invite-only not open to the public. 

In the first film, Mukerji played fearless Superintendent of Police Shivani Shivaji Roy who tracks down the mastermind behind a child kidnapping ring. While plot details of the sequel are sparse, Roy is reportedly on the hunt of a serial rapist and murderer in ‘Mardaani 2’.

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Mukerji plays Superintendent of Police Shivani Shivaji Roy in 'Mardaani 2' Image Credit: Yash Raj Films

“We would want ‘Mardaani’ to be a franchise that stands for tackling various societal issues. While the first film spoke about child trafficking, ‘Mardaani 2’ takes a stand against rapes and highlights the rise of violent crimes committed against juveniles in India,” Mukerji said in a statement earlier. “‘Mardaani’ series of films would stand for being a mirror of society to educate, create awareness and also leave a strong message for people to sit up and notice. Some films do have the responsibility to affect social change and our intention is that through all ‘Mardaani’ films we will try and bring out the hard reality, the threat that looms large next to us.”

The Yash Raj Films release is out in the UAE on December 12. Read the full interview with Mukerji in Gulf News tabloid! soon. Watch the trailer below: