Sha’ban is the eighth month in the Islamic calendar Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai: As the Islamic world prepares for the start of the holy month of Sha`ban, the Emirates Astronomy Society has announced that the astronomical new moon (conjunction) is expected to occur on February 20, 2023 at 11.06am UAE time.

This means the first day of Sha`ban will astronomically be observed on Tuesday, February 21.

The start of each month in the Hijri calendar is determined by the sighting of the first crescent of a new moon.

Sha’ban is the eighth month in the Islamic calendar and is known as the month of “separation” due to the pagan Arabs’ practice of dispersing in search of water during this time.


As the Hijri calendar is a lunar calendar, its year is 11 to 12 days shorter than the solar year, causing Sha’ban to migrate through the seasons.

The arrival of Sha`ban holds great significance for Muslims as it serves as a prelude to the ninth Hijri month, Ramadan. The beginning of a new Hijri month is marked by the appearance of the first crescent before sunset, with a minimum time gap of a few minutes.

As the faithful await the start of this special month, preparations are underway to observe the customs and rituals associated with Sha`ban and be ready for the arrival of Ramadan.