The volunteers spread the spirit of social welfare during the holy month Image Credit: Supplied

Sharjah: Sharjah Girl Guides (SGG) organised several events for its members during Ramadan to strengthen their spirit of volunteerism.

Shaikha Al Shamsi, manager of SGG, said: “Every Ramadan, we intensify our activities to motivate our members to serve their community and develop a sense of social responsibility. The annual programme highlights the importance of volunteerism, which is a central pillar of the Girl Guides movement and a practice that corresponds with the Emirati community’s values and traditions.”

‘Mair Ramadan’

The programme agenda included the ‘Mair Ramadan’ campaign, an annual initiative organised by SGG, where members prepared 42 food parcels and distributed them to needy families across the UAE. Held in partnership with Sharjah Charity International, the campaign saw the participation of 207 SGG members aged 7 to 25, who received training in humanitarian work to encourage them to embrace the spirit of giving during the holy month.

‘Who am I?’

As part of The Big Heart Foundation’s (TBHF) ‘Who am I?’ campaign to aid humanitarian projects in the sectors of food, healthcare, and education, SGG organised a workshop led by Senior Guide Alia Rashid. The workshop taught members how to design bookmarks for the Quran, as well as held a graphic design session on how to produce unique creations attended by seventeen members. The proceeds from the sale of the guides’ handiwork were donated to TBHF’s campaign.

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‘Ambassadors of Giving’

At the beginning of Ramadan, SGG organised the ‘Ambassadors of Giving’ programme, where 10 senior guides highlighted the importance of the Girl Guides movement in community development. The programme aimed to empower the guides to actively participate in organising volunteering opportunities, in order to enhance their ability to communicate with adults.

SGG also hosted a competition titled ‘Q & A’ on Instagram every Sunday of Ramadan. The competition questions revolved around the guides’ signs, their involvement in charitable projects, and SGG volunteering campaigns. As part of the competition, SGG members also participated in a challenge to take photos and videos of iftar and Eid dishes.

The creators of the winning videos were selected as directors of an upcoming cooking programme. Their clips were shown throughout Ramadan to encourage UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) affiliates to help their families with housework and make sweets in celebration of Ramadan.