A taxi in Ras Al Khaimah. More than 800 drivers used the application during its pilot phase at the beginning of April. Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/ Gulf News

Ras Al Khaimah: As part of its strategic plan 2020-2025, RAKTA has launched the smart driver training application (Al Bosala), which aims to provide training and development services for all public transport drivers in the emirate, including taxis, limousines, public buses, school buses conductors, drivers and other transport companies.

The application provides several advantages, including the ability to use the application for a large number of trainees at the same time in two languages, English and Urdu. Other languages will be included in the future. The application also contributes to improving the security and transportation safety system by obliging drivers to undergo specialised courses that raise awareness of traffic rules and safe driving and reduce accidents on the roads.

Many courses included

The application also includes many courses such as general safety, customer service, dealing with People of Determination, precautionary measures for COVID-19 pandemic, road safety, training programmes on the Arabic and English languages, in addition to information about labour laws in the UAE, Emirati culture and other training programmes updated on the application. Moreover, the performance of drivers is measured and evaluated before and after attending the course.

Mohamed Hashem, Director of the Quality Control and Operations said that more than 800 drivers used the application during its pilot phase at the beginning of April. The application contributed to the continuity of training programmes during the COVID-19 pandemic by avoiding physical contact, providing drivers with the opportunity to use technology to develop their skills in various fields, in addition to that the application was linked to an incentive system to encourage drivers to attend courses.

He added that the application will contribute to raising the driver’s professional and behavioural levels, and drive safely and responsibly so that accidents and traffic violations can be avoided and satisfies the public transport users. Also, the application will provide the possibility of submitting complaints and suggestions.