The lewd messages pitch everything from gay sex to nubile beauties and include phone numbers and e-mail addresses which janitors have to smudge out almost daily Image Credit: © XPRESS / Virendra Saklani/Faisal Masudi

Dubai: Illegal sex offers are being scribbled down in Dubai loos.

Lewd messages pitch gay sex or prostitution and often include mobile phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

The back of virtually every door in public toilets at major bus stops is covered with racy memos and sexually explicit drawings. These scrawls sometimes also appear in shopping mall restrooms and washrooms attached to mosques.

Some of the notes and sketches are too graphic to list here.

The rates of these taboo sex services are often mentioned too. One asked Dh20 per hour for a "man-to-man" rendezvous and another Dh100 for spending a night with a "young girl". There was also an invitation to sleep with a married woman who has "only one child".

The posts sometimes use nicknames and their one-liners can be seen in different toilets.

The lurid writings appear in many languages - English, Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, Arabic, Bengali and Pashto. They sometimes develop into a running post with location and price updates for the planned trysts.

It is not clear how many of the offers are by pimps or residents looking for sex encounters.

Many notices have been scribbled over or smudged out in apparent attempts by janitors to stop the practice. One person jotted down a plea: "Please don't write bad words".

No one was available for an immediate comment at Dubai Municipality which looks after public restrooms.