Dev Maitra, Managing Director of Savington International Insurance Brokers Image Credit: Supplied

Dev Maitra, Managing Director of Savington International Insurance Brokers, tells GN Focus how the company has been catering to its clients with unmatched professionalism and unrelenting focus.

Can you take us through the services Savington International Insurance Brokers offers?

We know the art of satisfying our clients by managing their insurance needs right from scratch. Not only do we provide our clients with the best rates of motor, health, general and life Insurance but also unmatched expertise, professional approaches, and claim-filing experience. And we offer optimum support to clients. We are the best partners you can have. With a team of skilled, ingenious and proficient insurance brokers, we aim to secure your assets thus creating future growth opportunities.

Tell us about your motor insurance services in detail. Which ones have seen more demand over the past year and why?

At Savington, we consider motor insurance one of our greatest strengths with extremely high sales and customer satisfaction. From providing third-party liability insurance to comprehensive insurance, claim handling and mediating between the customer and the insurance company to attain the best possible deal for all parties, we do it all. While most insurers only talk about road coverage, we focus on off-road coverage, which is necessary in the UAE and has seen a huge demand.

What new trends have you observed in the medical insurance sector during the pandemic?

Health insurance providers are committed to help prevent the spread of Covid-19. There have been an increasing number of people asking for medical insurance to be covered on travel to foreign countries or a Covid cover in their medical plans.

What sets Savington International Insurance Brokers apart from others?

As the pioneering insurance brokers in the UAE, we respect and value our clients’ interests, their privacy and demands. Nothing is more important to us than our clients, and we will make sure nobody walks out with their problems unresolved. We believe in adding value to our clients’ objectives and goals. Our global collaborations and a dedicated clientele of nearly 2,000 help us qualify as the front runners. Unmatched professionalism, unrelenting focus, and unwavering dedication define our service approaches.