Clint Khan
Clint Khan, Director of Y-Axis Middle East, a leading immigration consultancy in Dubai Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: As Canada and Australia face a pressing need for skilled labour, residents of the UAE are seizing opportunities to secure permanent residency in these countries, according to a leading immigration expert.

Canada, grappling with a shortage of expert labour amid demographic challenges, has set its sights on attracting a staggering 485,000 skilled workers this year alone. The country’s immigration strategy, unveiled against the backdrop of affordability and housing crises, offers various pathways for relocation and residency. Among these are innovative options like the ‘digital nomad’ strategy, catering to remote workers, and the ‘tech talent’ initiative aimed at bolstering the nation’s digital sector.

Skilled professionals

Similarly, Australia, acknowledging its own demand for skilled professionals, has introduced the Skills in Demand Visa programme to fill 800,000 job vacancies. This new visa, replacing the Temporary Skills Shortage visa, presents three distinct pathways tailored to attract fresh talent across different income brackets and skill levels, all with the ultimate goal of securing permanent residency. The evolving job market, driven by advancements in technology such as artificial intelligence and cybersecurity, underscores the need for continual upskilling and reskilling.

The UAE is witnessing high demand for skilled workers to relocate to Canada and Australia, along with some European destinations, despite reported challenges in securing invitations, according to Clint Khan, Director of Y-Axis Middle East, a leading immigration consultancy. “We are processing a steady stream of successful cases each month, highlighting these countries’ appeal for career advancement and personal development. We have several successful cases each month from people applying from the UAE. Canada, Australia, UK, and Germany are consistently welcoming skilled professionals, presenting them with exceptional opportunities for both personal and professional growth.”

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Job fairs

“The recent increase of job fairs conducted in the UAE from is a prime example of how the country has become a pivotal recruitment hub for foreign provinces and states targeting skilled professionals. Skilled migration represents more than just a change of location, it embodies the essence of career evolution, personal development, and the realisation of global aspirations,” says Khan.

UAE resident Saquib Ali went through the process of applying for permanent residency in Australia. “I applied for permanent residency to explore better opportunities in Australia and received Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189 Australia) through the point tested stream as a mechanical engineer. I routed my application through Y-Axis, which has been the preferred immigration service provider due to their efficient service.”

Express entry

Irene Eliza Sabu, another UAE resident, who was invited to apply for an express entry Canadian visa cited the permanent residency affordability as a crucial factor in her decision. “Having achieved an undergraduate degree in B. Sc Cardiopulmonary Perfusion Technology, I wanted to pursue a masters. However, I discovered that only domestic students could pursue a masters in allied health as securing a trainee job was one of the entry requirements.”

Sabu applied through Y-Axis for the express entry as well as Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) category, while applying for permanent residency. “Initially, I had received an invitation from the Ontario province, followed by an invitation from the express entry category. I accepted the latter, as it provided a wider range of options in terms of geography and job options,” she tells Gulf News.

Leading source

The UAE’s status as a leading source country for migrants to Canada highlights the allure of initiatives like the Federal Skilled Worker Programme. Canada aims to welcome 500,000 new permanent residents by 2025, with the UAE standing out as one of the primary source nations. Particularly popular among UAE applicants, the Federal Skilled Worker Program doesn’t mandate a job offer or prior Canadian ties.

Last month Australia axed its ‘golden visa’ programme after it failed to reach the government’s objectives. The scheme allowed wealthy foreign investors the right to live in Australia but will now be replaced with more skilled-worker visas.