Despite several complaints, Al Ittihad Road, in Sharjah, still remains a nightmare for pedestrians. Gulf News reader Rasheenah Ahmad said: "A [pedestrian] crossing over the highway would be a blessing for many..." Image Credit: Rasheenah Ahmad, Gulf News Reader

How many more near-misses must be tolerated before residents on the Dubai-Sharjah highway — specifically between Safeer Mall and Ansar Mall — acquire a pedestrian crossing?

In the past eight years since the area has developed into a residential one, the number of accidents that have taken place on this single route has increased!

In terms of those who have met an unfortunate end, I recall a cyclist, a construction worker, two housemaids that went to buy dinner — the list is endless.

When the pedestrian bridge was constructed on Al Nahda Road, my only thought was — what about Al Ittihad Road?

Who is to take responsibility for all the fathers, brothers or sons who have lost their lives crossing this doomed road? No one could really blame them for jaywalking, as they did not have any other choice.

Are the drivers responsible if they lose control when they suddenly see a figure bolting across in front of them?

I request the authorities not to turn a blind eye to the issue.

One pedestrian crossing near Safeer Mall and another one near Ansar Mall would help resolve the problem.

A crossing over the highway would be a blessing for many and the vast majority of the population would be thankful for the prompt action.

I urge residents and pedestrians to think, wait and avoid crossing such dangerous highways. Do not create havoc in your lives and other people's lives, too.

The reader works in Dubai.

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