I am the co-founder of LEME Group, an award-winning lighting company in Dubai. I am married to Meera, the anchor of my life, and we have a beautiful daughter Amara who is our world and my raison d’être. Born and raised in Kenya, I have spent time in the UK before living in the UAE for the past 14 years.

Headquartered in Dubai, LEME Group has interests in sustainability and similar impactful businesses across the Middle East and Africa. Before co-founding LEME Group, I spent the early part of my career in the UK. First working in financial services and later for government-funded projects that empower entrepreneurs and create more jobs in low economic zones across Greater London. On the academic side, I have a BSc (Hons) from Brunel University and have attended a flagship Executive Education Program on Entrepreneurship at MIT.

My life’s mission is to improve and make a difference in other people’s lives through integrity, kindness and security.


Having been formed some 24 years ago, EO UAE is a mature organization that has grown to be a diverse and leading chapter in the MEPA region. This is not by chance, but rather because of the several phenomenal member volunteer leaders who have guided this fabulous chapter by giving endless time, effort and strategy to build it to where it is today.

I want to continue to build on this legacy with a team of member leaders to ensure all members have more powerful Learning and Growth in their entrepreneurial journey. At the same time, continuing to further influence our community within the ecosystem and bring in new quality members with diverse experiences.

I believe great leaders in EO are servant leaders. This leadership privilege is one I have thoroughly enjoyed doing for the last three years on the Chapter Board and previously on the EOA (Accelerator) Board. Knowing that you’ve created value for someone else is a powerful motivator. I want to continue giving back to this Organization and Chapter, which has given me much to grow professionally and personally.

During my tenure as EO UAE President 2022-23, I want to ensure a retention rate of members that is greater than 95 per cent through the following objectives:

1. A learning calendar that captures what our members want on both executive education and personal growth, i.e. More ‘Masterclass’ style events

2. Improved spousal interaction through dedicated events and retreats

3. More engagement for our youth through specialised events led by Youth Champions

4. Continued engagement at chapter and forum level to capture feedback from members and build on their ideas, e.g. Townhall

5. Drive more events and activities towards helping members get to know each other better in the form of B2B networking events

I am honoured to get the opportunity to serve as EO UAE President for 2022-23. My goal is to ensure that the Chapter is known as the Voice of Entrepreneurs across the UAE and

the region.