No more pricking the finger to check sugar level Image Credit: Supplied

ABU DHABI An Abu Dhabi-based medical distribution company is launching what it claims is the world’s first non-invasive glucometer to check blood sugar levels in diabetes patients.

EMG 1000 is a needle and strip-free instrument that can be clipped on to the patient’s ears to get a quick and painless reading of glucose levels.

“This is a life-changing product for diabetes patients. By using the glucometer, they can do away with needles and the daily pricking to check blood sugar,” said Jacob Tharakan, CEO of Atlas Medicals LLC, which is distributing the product in the Mena region.

Developed by UK-based Evia Medical Technologies, EMG 1000’s will be officially launched in Abu Dhabi on May 3.

“People with Type 2 diabetes have to monitor their blood sugar levels regularly. It is expensive as well painful as they have to prick their fingers to produce the required blood and also buy test strips that have to be inserted into a reader,” he said. “But with EMG 1000, all you need is just one clip on the ear and you are set.”

The touch screen of the device displays the glucose levels, time and date of measurement, and can give audible results as well. Each unit supports up to three users, and has a memory capacity for up to 1,000 readings per user.

Users can also download individual data using a USB.