The suit fitted with electrodes gives your body mild electric shocks as you work out Image Credit: Supplied

DUBAI: If you want to get those abs without slogging it out at the gym then the Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) programme – Personal 20 – may be just the thing for you.

After making waves in the US and Europe, the new fitness regime has now made its way into the UAE.

The people behind it say it can help with body-shaping, weight-loss, stamina and endurance, as well as improving posture and reducing back pain.

The intense 20-minute fitness regime creates 30,000 muscle contractions – equivalent to a two-hour gym workout, claims Shuaib Al Sulaimani, founder of Personal 20.

All you have to do is step into a futuristic suit fitted with electrodes that gives your body mild electric shocks as you work out. The electrodes are placed on major muscle groups and the intensity of muscle stimulation is adjusted depending on the body part. The training is similar to doing weights as it focuses on muscle development. About 40 micro contractions are created per second and 36,000 in a 20-minute session. Results start kicking in after four sessions.

Cellulite Treatment

Al Sulaimani said EMS also helps to reduce cellulite. “When fat cells accumulate between the skin and muscle tissues, they lead to bulges on areas such as the thighs, gluteus and abdomen. Electric current sent to these tissues burns the unwanted fat,” he said.

According to Al Sulaimani, EMS has proved beneficial for people suffering from back pain.

The programme is available at API 1000 Tower on Al Thanya Street in Dubai.

Costs range from Dh300 to Dh700 per session. Membership packages cost Dh5,500 for three months and Dh21,000 for 18 months.