ABU DHABI: As part of the recently launched ‘For Abu Dhabi’ initiative, the Department of Municipalities and Transport, DMT, officially unveiled a new piece of large-scale commissioned artwork at Marsa Al Bateen.

The mural, painted by world-renowned Brazilian muralist Eduardo Kobra, depicts faces from a variety of ethnicities that represent the diversity of the nation and embodies the moral values of tolerance, respect and peace amongst all cultures in the UAE. Kobra’s creative expression resulted in a wall painting, featuring an array of bright colours and bold lines, while exemplifying his famous signature kaleidoscopic theme.

Kobra’s work comes as the first in a series of artwork installations done by international artists to enhance the streets of Abu Dhabi as part of the For Abu Dhabi’ initiative. A key factor to this liveability initiative is the connection and collaboration between local and international artists, with the creative aim of producing city-wide public art which further reinforces Abu Dhabi as a hub for creativity and expression, as well as a place of rich cultural diversity.