It is Movember (no shave November) and some UAE residents are rocking their furry paux to raise awareness on prostate cancer, the fourth most prevalent disease among men in the country. While the survival rate of prostate cancer is high if diagnosed early, many patients in the UAE visit their doctor presenting symptoms in later stages of the disease. Regular medical check-ups hardly figure on the priority list of Middle East men. Nothing illustrates this better than a survey by fashion retailer Centrepoint where 90 per cent of the respondents admitted they visit a mall at least once a month, but rarely step inside a clinic to get themselves screened for diseases. With the spotlight on men’s health issues this month, XPRESS zeroes in on some residents who have stashed away their razors in favour of being bushy for a cause.

SAMY ESSAM SELIM, Architect, 30, Egyptian

“My grandfather died of prostate cancer as he was diagnosed late. So Movember holds a special signficance for me. Early detection and treatment of prostate cancer when it is still localised provide the greatest chance of cure. So I am doing my bit to create awareness about the disease. On a lighter note I think girls fancy men with a little stubble so why not sport a mo?”

NICOLAAS MARTHINUS SALOMO, Art Director, 32, South African

“Movember is a time for men to show off their masculinity for a good cause and the best way to do it by creating awareness. I have been supporting Movember for quite some time now and each year I try to grow my

bristles even longer. I grew this mo last year and I haven’t shaved it since.”

SHANNON QUADROS Customer Services Manager, 31, Canadian

“Grow your Mo. That is the message I want to convey. I have been supporting the Movember cause for years. Besides raising awareness about prostate and testicular cancers, the month also brings together people from different walks of life. I am growing a handle bar and hope to have a Van Dyke look by the end of the month.”

SOLIMAN SHEIKH HASSAN Architect, 31, Palestinian

“It is a month dedicated to men and their health and I want to support it with all my heart. A lot is done

to raise awareness about diseases like breast cancer, osteoporosis and ovarian cancer, but prostate and testicular cancers hardly figure in awareness campaigns. I am growing a Turkish beard and am beginning to look like a Sultan.”

LALIT LAKHIANI Account Manager, 27, Indian

”I am so happy that there is a month dedicated to men’s health as most of them tend to ignore their health until something happens. During Movember, each moustache acts as a walking billboard, reminding men to take their health and wellbeing seriously.”

EDOARDO ROSSI, Chartering Officer, 26, Italian

”A lot of people don’t know that besides growing a Mo, the month of November is dedicated to raising funds for men’s health issues ranging from cancer to mental illness. The Movember foundation has so far collected

US$650 million. I am doing my bit to raise some money and have collected $2,000 so far.”

PHILLIP KOUNDAKJIAN, Account Manager, 28, Lebanese

”I see a lot of information being exchanged on men’s health during November. But the interest wanes when the month gets over. Prostate cancer is a serious issue and there should be year-round awareness about it.”

LONGEST MUSTACHE: India’s Ram Singh Chauhan holds the record for the longest growing moustache. According to Guinness World Records, Chauhan’s moustache spans 14 feet.

MOVEMBER: The idea of Movember came from a conversation in an Australian pub in 2003 when a couple of friends talking about the cyclical nature of style wondered why the moustache hadn’t made a comeback.