Dubai: Shaikh Walid Bin Ebrahim Al Ebrahim, Chairman of the MBC group, said that he has not yet accepted the resignation of Abdul Rahman Al Rashid, Director General of Al Arabiya News Channel.

Shaikh Walid said that Al Rashid submitted his resignation because he felt responsible for some mistakes that recently occured in the program.

He said he will give more details when he returns from a trip abroad.

"We all bear responsibility for all mistakes that take place on the screen, which are definitely unintentional, albeit undesirable," he said.

"I have affirmed to Al Rashid that such mistakes are a joint-responsibility. I truly appreciate his stance for taking full responsibility instead of holding other employees accountable," he added.

Shaikh Walid also added that Abdul Rahman Al Rashid would always have a place in the MBC group, even if the resignation for his position in Al Arabiya TV channel was accepted.

"In this regard, if he decides to retain, or resign, his current administrative role in Al Arabiya, I would like to confirm that Al Rashid will remain a prominent part the MBC group for any position he holds, both in the present and the future," Shaikh Walid added.

In response to mass resignations being submitted following Al Rashid's request to step down from his current position, Shaikh Walid said: "There were no such resignations. These claims are baseless and fabricated."

"The MBC group will always be a family," he said, and added, "I have complete trust in all of its directors and employees," he said.