Indian actor and film critic Kamal Rashid Khan aka KRK Image Credit: Supplied

DUBAI Controversial Indian actor and film critic Kamal Rashid Khan aka KRK has threatened legal action against Twitter after the micro-blogging site suspended his account recently.

“I’ll drag Twitter to court for their arbitary and prejudiced action against me,” said the long-time Dubai resident.

“I’ve spent nearly Rs500,000 (Dh30,000 approximately) over the past four years to amass six million followers on Twitter. I cannot let it all go waste. Twitter has to reimburse me and also compensate for the time I have spent on my account. If they fail to do that I will take legal action against them,” KRK said in a chat with XPRESS.

It is rumoured that KRK’S account was suspended following a complaint by Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan. In a recent tweet, KRK had made personal remarks against Aamir and also given away the climax of his movie Secret Superstar.

Needle of suspicion

KRK, however, suspects his account has been suspended at the behest of Indian politician and Member of Parliament Subramanium Swamy.

“I tweeted something about Subramanian Swamy. Apparently it did not go down well with him and he got me removed from Twitter. Initially I was under the impression that the suspension was masterminded by Aamir Khan. But on an afterthought I think it’s the handiwork of Subramanian Swamy Whatever the reason, Twitter has no right to suspend my account. They should have given me a warning at least.

“There are millions of people who abuse politicians and celebrities everyday and it seems that they can say anything under the expression of free speech. But only KRK can’t do that. So, I am not going to accept that... therefore I am definitely going to court,” he said in an official statement.