Can’t party in my own house: Nivedita Saha in her house at Jumeirah Islands Mansions. She says security guards refused a tent provider from setting up a tent in her house for a party Image Credit: XPRESS/Abdel-Krim Kallouche

Dubai: Residents of posh Jumeirah Islands (JI) and Jumeirah Islands Mansions (JIM) are being left red faced as security guards stop them from holding a party at the 11th hour, if they do not have permission from Nakheel to do so.

Nivedita Saha, Indian expatriate owner of a Dh24 million five-bedroom mansion in JIM, claims she had a harrowing experience last month when security guards refused to let a tent provider into her house.

“I had no clue that permission was needed from Nakheel to host a party. I have had many parties in my house before, but nobody stopped them. This is obviously a new rule.”

Last month Saha was hosting a party in her house for eight days.

“It was more like a cultural do with families and friends. I was expecting over 12 families to come over from October 9 onwards. I called a tent provider to fix an air-conditioned tent in my back yard two days prior to the event, but the guards refused to let them into the community.

“We literally pleaded with the security guys to let the people in, but they simply would not budge and asked me to fill out a ‘Function Information Form’ instead. I filled it and gave it to the security. The tent providers waited for four hours at the entrance and finally left in frustration.


“On October 8 evening (the next day) Nakheel gave me permission for the party. By then it was too late for the tent guy to set things up for my function which was to start on October 9. I had to cancel the first two days of the function in my house and requested a friend to allow me to have it at her place as I had already invited people. There were elderly people visiting and it was very embarrassing to cancel the event in my house. A simple communication from Nakheel on the new rule would have helped a lot,” she said.

Saha is not alone in this as other residents in the community have also faced similar embarrassments.

Neena Jain (name changed) who was hosting a party on a Friday for over 50 people in Jumeirah Islands home had to tussle with security guards for over two hours to let the caterer in.

“We had to send an e-mail to Nakheel management seeking permission to have a party in our house. Since it was a Friday nobody read our e-mail. The truck was kept waiting until we got someone and explained the matter. When they knew that we were not erecting anything and only having a caterer, they let them in.

“It was embarrassing as my guests had already started arriving. Nakheel must communicate new rules to residents so we don’t face such humiliation. After all we are owners and have every right to have a party in our house.”

No comment was immediately available from Nakheel.