Scan and go. Smart gates are fully operational at T3. All terminals will have them in due course

Dubai: Sick of getting stuck in long queues to clear immigration at the airports? It’s time to heed authorities’ advice and use smart gates and e-gates wherever they have been installed.

A Dubai Airports spokesperson told XPRESS that smart gates have become fully operational at the arrivals section of Terminal 3, easing passenger flow greatly while e-gates are available in terminals at both Dubai International and Dubai World Central.

Free and convenient

A total of 102 smart gates will be installed at all terminals in due course. Access to smart gates is free and convenient. “It does not require issuance of a specific card. The one pre-requisite is to have an electronically readable passport. To use the smart gate, travellers need to register their biometrics (eye and facial prints) free of charge at 20 stations around the city and at Dubai International,” said the spokesperson.

He said: “A registered traveller can approach any available smart gate and has the option to use his or her passport, e-gate card, Emirates ID or even smartphone (barcode to enter the gate is generated via the General Directorate for Residency and Foreigners Affairs mobile application available for free at all app stores), to enter the smart gate.” He said if the traveller chooses the passport or the smartphone barcode scan, he is required to scan the passport’s personal details page or the barcode in the smartphone in the passport scanner (reader). The first gate opens and the traveller enters the gate. “The traveller is required to stand still and look at the camera. The camera scans the traveller’s biometrics, verifies and opens the second gate. The traveller then proceeds to the baggage reclaim area.”

If the traveller wishes to use the Emirates ID or the e-Gate card, he will have to insert the Emirates ID in the slot indicated. The first gate opens. In both cases, he will have to scan the finger indicated on the screen inside the gate. “Once the finger is scanned, the second gate opens and the traveller proceeds to the baggage reclaim area.”

He said the difference between smart gate and the Dh200 eGate is the latter works on a card that a user has to issue, register and pay for at designated eGate offices at Dubai International. Regular eGates have a validity period.