Flight of fancy. Bollywood singer Mika Singh posing from inside the first class section of an Emirates flight (left) and with the airline's cabin crew Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Celebs are known for their lavish spending and extravagant lifestyles, and Mika Singh is no exception. The Bollywood singer-composer, who charges more than Dh250,000 for a concert, booked the entire first-class section of an Emirates flight to Mumbai from Dallas via Dubai, so that he could travel alone.

An Instagram video posted by the singer during the layover in Dubai on July 9 shows him alone inside the luxurious first class. “I felt like travelling alone this time and I decided to book the entire first class. I didn’t want any disturbance,” he said in the minute-long video, which he later posted on Twitter saying: “Good morning I have just landed in Dubai…booked the whole 1st class for fun. @emirates is the best. Yes baby I m loaded (sic).”

Emirates declined to comment on the issue citing passenger privacy but the airline did respond to Mika’s tweet, saying: “It’s a pleasure to be your favourite, King Mika Singh! Have a great flight and enjoy!”

Mika later posted a selfie with cabin crew when he landed in Mumbai early on Tuesday morning.

An Emirates first-class ticket between Dallas and Mumbai costs Dh51,200. Booking the 10 suites of the first class would have cost around Dh512,000.