Organ donation in UAE
Teams from Abu Dhabi and Saudi hospitals carried out a successful cadaver organ donation at Sheikh Khalifa Medical City. Image Credit: Screengrab

Dubai: A successful organ donation from a cadaver saved the lives of five patients, announced doctors at Sheikh Khalifa Medical City.

Teams from Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi all worked as one group to try and facilitate the organ donation, in a bid to save the lives of those who needed need a kidney transplant, as well as heart, lungs and liver.

The Department of Health in Abu Dhabi posted an online video of its most recent cadaver organ donation, which was carried out between doctors from Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia based hospitals.

The National Organ Transplant Committee, headed by Dr Ali Al Obaidli, supervised the process of the donation, which was carried out at Sheikh Khalifa Medical City. According to Abu Dhabi Health Services, other organs were transferred to patients in the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

“The family of the deceased, who despite the great loss of their loved one, decided to extend the life of other people and donate the organs,” said Dr Obaidli, who pointed out that five organs helped save the lives of other patients.

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“The culture of donation exists in society and our role as medical professionals, authorities and hospitals, is to facilitate and fulfil the wishes of people who save other people’s lives,” he said.

Dr Mohammad Bader Zaman, head of the transplantation service at Sheikh Khalifa Medical City, who carried out the donor operation, said: “Multiple organs were retrieved and transplanted at various centres, and one of the organs was transplanted here at Shaikh Khalifa Hospital. It was the decision of one family, who decided in the middle of adversity, to try and help others.”

Currently, 21 people die every day waiting for an organ transplant in the US alone. There are 63,000 patients on transplant waiting lists in the European Union and 100,000 on waiting lists in the US.