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Clinical examinations and screenings are part of the roll out in October via Pink Caravan Image Credit: Supplied

Sharjah: In observance of ‘International Breast Cancer Awareness Month’ in October, Sharjah-based non-profit group Pink Caravan will roll out mobile clinics offering free mammogram screenings, breast cancer awareness talks in English and Arabic, and a ‘Pink Steps’ challenge.

Free screening

Breast cancer remains the most common cancer in the UAE, with over 1,030 new cases diagnosed in 2020, the group said. Over 222 individuals succumbed to the disease in the UAE in 2020. Since early detection offers a better choice of treatment options and increases survival rates, mobile clinics of Pink Caravan will offer free diagnostic services such as clinical breast examinations and mammograms at select locations across Sharjah and Dubai. The staff and families of some public and private sector organisations in the UAE can also avail the services of Pink Caravan’s mobile medical clinics during October.

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Pink Caravan mobile clinic Image Credit: Supplied pic
Mobile Clinics
Sharjah Ladies Club: Oct 16, 1pm -7pm
Zero 6 Mall, Sharjah: Oct 21, 4pm -10pm
RAW Coffee: Oct 5, 9am -3pm
Mirdif City Centre, Dubai: Oct 14, 4pm -10pm
City Walk, Dubai: Oct 15, 4pm -10pm
Dubai Ladies Club: Oct 20, 8am -5pm
La Mer, Dubai: Oct 22, 4pm -10pm

‘Pink Steps’ Challenge

Running through the month of October is the Pink Steps challenge, open to both individuals and corporate organisations in the UAE. To enter the challenge of taking 8,000 steps every day in support of cancer patients, participants must download the ‘Relay by FOCP’ mobile app, register online and join the Relay For Life (RLF) community.

Top 20 winners will be awarded with 20,000 ‘Loyalty Dots’, equivalent to Dh200 while 30 winners will earn 10,000 Loyalty Dots equivalent to Dh100.


To promote societal awareness of regular self-checks and mammogram screenings, Pink Caravan is hosting webinars and online lectures to educate community members. Three webinars will be broadcast live on YouTube and Instagram accounts of the group.

Pink Caravan will also host online lectures targeting a cross-spectrum of public and private corporate entities in Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and Dubai to extend its messaging to a larger segment of the community. These lectures form part of FOCP’s ‘Corporate Wellness Day’ initiative.