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Two-and-half-year-old Cziara Laire Pedraza has never been able to go a play school.

The lively toddler from Dubai suffers from Congenital Aplasia Anaemia, a rare blood disorder in which where her bone marrow does not produces enough red, white and platelet blood cells, leaving her weak and breathless all the time.

She has to undergo painful blood transfusion once every month at Dubai Hospital. Only a bone marrow transplant can save her life.

Her parents, Filipino expatriates Romina and Arnold have consulted a bone marrow specialist in Apollo Hospital, Delhi. The hospital has told the couple that bone marrow donated by their elder daughter Cziana can give Cziara 80 per cent chance of being cured.

The surgery will cost approximately Dh280,000. The family which is dependent on the single income of Arnold who works as at an engineering firm in Sharjah, is appealing for help.

Arnold told Gulf News: “My daughter was diagnosed with the condition when she was only two months old. She was so tired and breathless that we almost lost her and it was God’s grace that the paramedics were able to revive her. We were devastated when we found out about her condition. After that we have been struggling to make sure she is fine. It was impossible to get a health insurance coverage with her condition and it has been very difficult for us. The Apollo hospital has given us some hope and we are going next week for the tissue match. It is said that bone marrow from sibling or parents gives a good result.”

Romina added: “My daughter is so lively and sweet and fighting this condition that leaves her so weak, tired and breathless. Every day is a struggle. I dream of the day when she will be able to be strong and healthy. We have approached many charities but so far got no positive response. She deserves a good chance and we are determined to give her one at any cost.”

The family is hopeful that kind hearted people of UAE will support their struggle and help their daughter get a chance at life.