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During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the hospital offers essential education and screenings to encourage early detection and treatment of the disease

As Breast Cancer Awareness Month illuminates the global health landscape, Burjeel Medical City stands as a beacon of hope, excellence, and unwavering commitment for women. The Abu Dhabi hospital boasts of cutting-edge cancer care capabilities, spearheaded by a dedicated team of experts utilizing state-of-the-art technologies, including HOLOGIC’s 3DimensionsTM Mammography System, Elekta Versa HD TM Linear Accelerator, and the Da Vinci Xi robotic system.

The hospital’s JCI-accredited Nuclear Medicine department is one of the leading departments in the country and has a team of highly qualified experts. Burjeel Medical City is the only cancer center in the UAE to be accredited by ESMO as an Integrated Oncology and Palliative Care Center. The hospital is also a Novalis-certified center for stereotactic radiosurgery and stereotactic body radiotherapy.

Through the Pink Burjeel campaign this month, the Abu Dhabi hospital seeks to highlight early detection and treatment of breast cancer. The hospital has launched an exclusive women-led breast cancer unit to offer compassionate and comprehensive care to patients. Through the unit, the hospital’s world-class female experts ensure a seamless patient experience and stress-free environment for patients.

At the unit, patients can also walk in on the same day without prior appointments to get check-ups. To make screenings more convenient and accessible, the hospital also aims to reach women through mammogram trucks that are making stops in various locations to offer complimentary breast cancer screenings.

Burjeel Medical City offers comprehensive and specialized services under one roof, including medical consultation, examination, and diagnosis through mammograms, diagnostic x-rays, and interventional x-rays for all types of biopsies, in addition to surgical services for removing tumors and breast reconstruction.

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Breast cancer in the UAE: A pressing concern

Recent data paints a stark picture. Breast cancer is increasingly affecting women under 50 in the UAE. Prof. Humaid Al Shamsi, Consultant & Director of Oncology, says, “Breast cancer’s increasing prevalence demands rigorous clinical interventions combined with robust public education. Our mission at Burjeel is rooted deeply in both.”

Oncological treatment: Precision at its best

In the realm of advanced medical imaging, Burjeel Medical City boasts cutting-edge equipment that is paramount in diagnosing and treating cancer. “Our Philips Ingenuity TOF PET scanner with 64 slice CT and the GE discovery 860 SPECT-CT are not just tools, but extensions of our commitment to offering the best in nuclear medicine therapy. These sophisticated imaging modalities ensure that we have a comprehensive view of the disease, which in turn enables precise treatments tailored to individual patients. Minimally invasive surgery can be done using radioguides, intraoperative probe to detect sentinel lymph node and save many patients from lymph nodes resection,” said Dr. Abdul Rahim Ibrahim Ismail Al Suhaili, Director and Consultant Nuclear Medicine.

Radiation oncology: Advanced techniques for effective treatment

Dr. Ibrahim Abu Gheida, Clinical Director of Radiation Oncology, mentions, “Our state-of-the-art and most advanced radiation techniques ensure precise targeting of cancer cells, safeguarding healthy tissues.” Complementing this, Dr. Yoginee Pundlik Sonawane, Specialist in Radiation Oncology, adds, “We aim to maximize the effectiveness of radiation while minimizing its impact with our unique heart and lung sparing techniques, regarding which we have published on.”

Breast imaging: A proactive defense

“Early detection remains one of our best weapons against breast cancer,” says Dr. Nyla Khan, Consultant Breast Radiologist. Reinforcing this sentiment, Dr. Shimaa Elsabae, Radiology Specialist, emphasizes, “Timely and regular screenings can save lives, offering a distinct advantage in battling this disease.”

Reconstruction: Merging aesthetics and healing

Highlighting the comprehensive nature of post-operative care, Dr. Michael Rebeiro, Consultant Plastic Surgeon & Director of Plastic Surgery, shares, “Reconstructive procedures are essential, not just for physical recovery but for emotional healing.” Echoing these thoughts, Dr. Frea Ramzi Perdawood, Consultant Oncoplastic & Reconstructive Breast Surgeon, notes, “Our techniques blend oncological safety with the preservation of the breast’s aesthetics.”

Holistic health: Embracing the full spectrum

Breast health is a significant segment of the vast realm of women’s health. Dr. Mayada Thamir Younis and Dr. Ayat Jamil Al-Hawajreh, both Consultants in Obstetrics & Gynecology, highlight this interconnection. “Our comprehensive approach ensures every woman feels supported and empowered throughout her healthcare journey,” says Dr. Younis.

Unveiling disease mysteries with molecular pathology

“Molecular diagnostics, especially in collaboration with esteemed partners like OncoHelix, is revolutionizing how we understand and treat cancer,” shares Dr. Alison Finall, Consultant Anatomical Pathologist. “With clinically validated cancer genomic panels and advanced analytics at our disposal, we are able to offer unparalleled insights into the behavior of tumors, thus guiding clinicians in tailoring the most effective treatment strategies.”

A tailored approach for each patient

In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Dr. Sonia Othman, an oncology Consultant at Burjeel Medical City, underscores the crucial need for seeking professional advice without embarrassment upon a breast cancer diagnosis.

“Burjeel Medical City boasts specialized medical expertise and offers the latest international treatments—such as targeted, smart, and immunological approaches—to manage the disease. Remain hopeful, for a cure does exist.”

Dr. Nadia Abdelwahed, Specialist Medical Oncologist, highlights the significance of individualized treatment strategies. “While molecular insights guide our path, it is the comprehensive understanding of each patient’s unique cancer profile that enables us to devise the most effective treatment plans. At Burjeel, every patient receives care that is tailored to their specific needs.”

Precision in surgical procedures

Dr. Mohammed Jouda, Consultant in Breast Surgery and Surgical Oncology, reflects on the meticulous nature of breast surgeries offered at the hospital, “Our surgical strategies prioritize effective tumor removal, while maintaining the natural form of the breast.”

Support beyond treatment

Breast cancer’s journey extends beyond initial treatments. Dr. Eman Ibrahim Eliwa, Specialist in Family Medicine, emphasizes, “Our commitment spans from diagnosis to long-term support, ensuring we are catering to every patient’s overall well-being.”

Palliative care: A pillar of support

Dr. Neil Arun Nijhawan, Consultant in Hospice & Palliative Medicine and Director of Palliative & Supportive Care, underscores the importance of palliative care. “It’s about enhancing the quality of life, offering comprehensive support at every stage. Our approach at Burjeel is holistic, ensuring every patient feels valued and cared for.”

As Breast Cancer Awareness Month unfolds, Burjeel Medical City extends a warm invitation to every woman. The hospital encourages them to prioritize their health, understand the risks, and lean on its experts for world-class medical care.

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