Dr Mohammad Al Seiari Image Credit: Abdel-Krim Kallouche/Gulf News

Abu Dhabi: More than 30 health care organisations across the Emirate are expected to nominate their top performing health care professionals effective immediately.

Fifty per cent of the nominees must be Emiratis — an initiative the Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD) has introduced for the first time.

Health care organisations offering in-patient and out-patient services, such as private and public hospitals, medical colleges, UAE Red Crescent, UAE university and other voluntary institutes, are advised to acknowledge professionals who contribute to the improvement and enhancement of their entity's health care system.

During a press conference to announce HAAD's new initiative — the "Medical Distinction Awards" — Dr Mohammad Al Seiari, Director of the Health Compliance Division at HAAD, explained that health care facilities are now required to nominate one professional across eight categories to help encourage professionals to improve their knowledge and performance.

The categories are: surgical performance, clinical performance, medical research, medical teaching, allied health professionals, health administration and management, clinical diagnostics and laboratory, and medical volunteers.

"The awards will help encourage Emiratis and health care professionals to contribute effectively in raising the level of scientific competence and quality in the performance of health care. It will also help recognise and honour professionals for their outstanding achievements in the fields of health care," said Dr Al Seiari.

HAAD has formed a scientific committee to oversee results handed over by organisations. Ninety per cent of members in the committee include well-trained Emirati doctors with international experience.

‘Comprehensive picture'

"We plan to implement the Medical Distinction Award each year in order to get a comprehensive picture of the medical field. Giving health care facilities the responsibility to nominate their top performing professionals is a way to also discover whether that facility practices favouritism or is fair in its selection process," Dr Seiari told Gulf News. When asked whether nominees will be awarded prize money, the health compliance director said: "It's a step by step process. For this year, we encourage the organisation to pick its best performer in terms of in-patient and out-patient communication and community satisfaction. However in the future we will consider personal nominations, and may even introduce financial incentives," he said.

Health care professionals in the emirate:

  •  43 per cent — nurses
  •  27 per cent — allied health professionals
  • 25 per cent — physicians
  • 5 per cent — dentists

By region, Abu Dhabi:

  • 65 per cent - physicians
  • 68 per cent - dentists
  • 63 per cent - nurses
  •  67 per cent - allied health professionals

Al Ain:

  •  29 per cent - physicians
  • 29 per cent - dentists
  •  31 per cent nurses
  • 28 per cent - allied health professionals

Western Region:

  • 5 per cent - physicians
  • 3 per cent - dentists
  • 6 per cent - nurses
  • 5 per cent - allied health professionals

— Source: Health Authority Abu Dhabi


Nominations will be accepted electronically at http://www.haad.ae/adma from July 17 to August 29.