Dubai: Summer in the UAE is synonymous with dust, excessive sunlight and heat, which present special, unique challenges for your skin, while the continuously soaring temperatures adversely affect your eyes and vision, say doctors in Dubai.

It is a lesser known fact, but eyes are the most delicate part of your body and overexposure to ultraviolet rays can cause irreparable retinal damage and other serious eye problems, noted specialist doctors.

“During the summer months, most people often neglect to take the proper protective measures when it comes to eye care.” Dr Sandip Mitra, specialist ophthalmologist from Emirates Hospital Day Surgery and Medical Centre at Motorcity, Dubai. He said it is time people realise the importance of this sensitive sensory organ and consider implementing a daily routine that includes effective solutions and measures that protect the eyes.

For decades, researchers have noted that summer often brings a plethora of eye problems such as burning, dry eyes and itchiness. The intense rays of the sun can also lead to serious problems such as boils on eyelids, conjunctivitis and many other eye diseases. As such, doctors recommend staying inside during later mornings and afternoons when the sun’s strength is at its maximum and UV at its peak.

While wearing sunglasses and hats can help protect your eyes, Dr Mitra suggests some easy summertime hacks to keep your eyes safe this summer.

While eyes are the mirror of your soul, the skin is its reflection. As such, doctors say it is important not to slacken on a daily skincare routine, either.

“In the UAE, summer coupled with prolonged exposure to the air-conditioned environment, creates a variety of skin issues. As such, it is important to follow a daily skincare routine to protect your skin, well,” said Dr Manish Pahwa, specialist dermatologist from Emirates Hospital Day Surgery and Medical Centre.

While the harsh sun rays in the UAE most often lead to a tan, it can also lead to oily, sticky skin, uneven skin tone, body odour and heat boils. To ensure that you don’t suffer from sun-related skin problems, Dr Pahwa suggests these quick and easy tips to keep your skin radiating like before, even in summer months.

A global report published recently in the journal Advancements in Experimental Medicine and Biology found that the rising number of skin cancers is largely due to a combination of increased exposure to sunlight, increased outdoor activities, changes in clothing style, increased longevity, ozone depletion, genetics and other factors.

Protection tips

Wash hands regularly: Studies indicate that the best way to protect yourself from the spread of communicable disease is simply to wash your hands on a regular basis. Washing your hands is essential and helps to avoid the contraction of eye-related conditions such as conjunctivitis.

Eat and drink well: There are many foods to choose from that are rich in nutrients and can improve your eyesight and protect your vision during the summer. Eat fruits, which have plenty of water content, and avoid aerated drinks that tend to cause dry eye syndrome.

Use eye drops: Use lubricating drops to prevent your eyes from becoming itchy. In addition, use eye masks to keep eyes fresh and cool.

Use a good sunscreen: A sunscreen that includes both UVA and UVB protection of SPF 30 and above should be used regularly to avoid sunburn and pigmentation.

Stay hydrated: Water carries heat away from your body. Be sure to drink enough water and remain hydrated.

Feed your face: While a good face and body lotion will serve the needs of your skin, be sure to snack on healthy fruits, which are high in water content. You should use a mild exfoliator to wash away dead skin from your face, and a pumice stone to remove dead skin from your feet, if you are prone to callosities.