Abu Dhabi: A team of ophthalmologists in the UAE has developed a new way to diagnose eye problems in children that is less invasive than the injections normally used to diagnose retinal issues.

The ophthalmologists at Moorfields Eye Hospital in Dubai and Abu Dhabi found that children can ingest a dye mixed with a sweet drink, and that this dye then travels to the eye to help trace blood circulation in the retina. Traditionally, the dye is injected into a child’s vein, and causes much fright among young children.

To test the efficacy of the new procedure, the team imaged 18 children across its facilities and found no difficulty in reaching a diagnosis.

“Since we started this technique, a total of 30 children ranging from four to 16 years of age have been imaged. Most of them were diagnosed with retina problems and were treated successfully,” he said.

The study has recently been published in the prestigious peer-reviewed medical publication, the Journal of the American Medical Association Ophthalmology.