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In conversation with Dr Arif Khan, Founding CEO and Medical Director, Neuropedia.

Could you tell us about the treatments and services available at Neuropedia?

Neuropedia is a comprehensive neuroscience centre for children in the country. We have a team of paediatric neurologists who can provide comprehensive evaluation and treatment for babies, children and adolescents with disorders of the brain, spinal cord, muscles and nerves.

Clinical psychological services at Neuropedia are dedicated to serving children and young people with developmental delay and learning needs. The child physiotherapy and occupational therapy programme at Neuropedia is a unique service led by therapists who work in conjunction with paediatric neurologists to ensure that the child reaches his or her maximum potential.

The speech and dysphagia treatment team at Neuropedia provides evidence-based services for all children and young people who exhibit problems with speech and language delays, speech apraxia, swallowing problems, poor oro-motor skills, stutter/stammer and speech sound production.

Neuropedia functions on the concept of creating a self-sufficing cycle of consultation, diagnosis, prognosis, treatment and rehabilitation curated especially for each child.

- Dr Arif Khan, Founding CEO and Medical Director, Neuropedia

Neuropedia offers evidence-based therapy to children with autistic spectrum disorder, which includes applied behavioural analysis and therapy, play therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy. The programme is designed by Board-certified Behavioural Analysts (BCBA) and then applied by our registered behavioural therapists.

What steps has Neuropedia taken to connect with the community and raise more awareness on neurological disorders?

Neuropedia functions on the concept of creating a self-sufficing cycle of consultation, diagnosis, prognosis, treatment and rehabilitation curated especially for each child.

We believe our vision of expansion and growth stands for a wider sense of acceptance — a world where neurological illnesses are not shrouded behind the legends of curses and old wives’ tales that hinder the scientific and genetic nature of one’s being. We wish to be an advocate for those parents who feel hopelessness and fear in a warped world with mass hysteria about conditions that make us different.

As a consulting paediatric neurologist, I educate teachers and caregivers at multiple schools, nurseries and crèches to help them integrate students with neurological conditions better into their schedules. We also equip them with the tools to identify the key signs of early neurological problems to assist the child and their parents take the best course of action at the earliest.

In conversation with Dr Aman Sohal, Founding Partner and Clinical Director.

How is Neuropedia different from other paediatric centres?

What sets Neuropedia apart is our staff and our approach to treatment. We bring together interdisciplinary and collaborative neuroscience care involving child neurologists, psychologists, specialised nurses, physical therapists, behavioural therapists and other allied specialists. The model we employ at our centre emphasises the importance of accurate diagnosis before embarking on any rehabilitative process.

Neuropedia provides highly specialised paediatric neurology consultation in Dubai. We, as paediatric neurologists, understand that families may be searching for answers about a child’s condition or seeking the very best in treating a complex disorder. Every treatment programme and intervention is led by a paediatric neurologist with the help of the allied multi-disciplinary team.

Why is early diagnosis critical in children with neurological disorders?

Every treatment programme and intervention at Neuropedia is led by a paediatric neurologist with the help of the allied multi-disciplinary team.

- Dr Aman Sohal, Founding Partner and Clinical Director

Identifying early warning signs in children is the key for successful treatment outcome. Delays in developmental milestones, excessive or reduced head growth in infants, reduced activity, abnormal movements, lack of coordination, change in level of consciousness or mood, muscle stiffness, seizures and speech difficulties are some of the issues that should get attention.

Parents should try and get children checked first by their general paediatricians and then consult a paediatric neurologist to treat any neurological disorders. The neurologist will then arrange for appropriate investigations and also request further assessments from allied specialities to look for a cause. Some of these conditions when diagnosed are amenable to medications while others require services like physiotherapy, occupational therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy etc.

How does Neuropedia work to support parents raising a child with neurological disorder?

As a specialist centre, we extend our care beyond the clinical visits. The team, with permission from parents, can sometimes assess and observe the child in the school environment as well.

In cases that require further education and support, we can provide material and guidance to the caretaker, parent and/or teacher of the child. Our staff will be present at ground zero making face-to-face contact with valuable figures to address any doubt and dispel the stigma associated with these conditions. We can help them better understand the child’s need and support his/her optimal development.

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