Abu Dhabi: Health insurance companies are increasing in number, resulting in fierce market competition among the 33 health insurance companies in the emirate of Abu Dhabi.

The Green Crescent Insurance Company (GCIC) as the newest on the list.

The GCIC launched 2008, is a public joint stock company with a paid up capital of Dh250 million, and offers health insurance options to groups and corporate clients, with instant card recognition in over 180 countries.


To prove its market presence, and, in line with the World Health Day, the GCIC along with Al Noor Hospital, will conduct free-of-charge health screenings and awareness seminars about chronic illnesses to employees across Abu Dhabi-based organisations, from April 7 to May 7.

"Preventive health checkups for chronic conditions like diabetes, cholesterol, obesity, and hypertension can help one understand his or her health better and take the necessary steps towards leading a healthier lifestyle.

"Solutions exist to tackle urban health challenges and this campaign aims to educate the region about this," said Carl J. Sardegna, GCIC CEO.

Programmes: Options

Green Crescent Insurance Company offers two health insurance programmes, preventive education and chronic illness management.

n Preventive Education — Bringing healthy lifestyles and awareness to the forefront of our members' lives, we aim to usher in a new era of preventive medicine

n Chronic Illness Management — This concept involves interacting directly with patients diagnosed with chronic conditions, monitoring their treatment and health.