Restaurant closed
The Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority temporarily closed down Abu Shakra Restaurant for violating the health and safety code. Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: The food authority in the capital has temporarily closed an Arab mixed grill restaurant for violating the health and safety code.

The Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) on Thursday issue a circular to shut down the Egyptian restaurant, which was located on Corniche Road next to the World Trade Centre.

Thamer Al Qasimi, director of Communications and Community Services Department at ADFCA, explained that the food establishment was closed after it was found to have repeatedly broken a number of the municipality’s health code that jeopardised the safety of consumers.

“The health and safety violations included the employment of untrained workers in the restaurant, the lack of commitment to spray insecticide in the vicinity, and a lack of maintaining a level of hygienic conditions in the kitchen,” said Al Qasimi.

Al Qasimi stressed that "the closure will continue as long until the violations are rectified, and will be able to reopen once the conditions are met”.

He pointed out that the circular was circulated after an inspector from ADFCA issued a third and final warning to the food establishment – the earlier warnings were issued last September and early November.

He pointed out that the “restaurant closure comes within the framework of the inspectors’ efforts to strengthen the adherence of food safety rules in the emirate of Abu Dhabi,” which also emphasises on the strict policy code carried out by food authorities.

How to report a complaint

Residents in Abu Dhabi can report food safety violations by contacting the Abu Dhabi Government Contact Centre on the toll free number 800 555.

Dubai residents can notify the municipality of any health code violations in food establishments by contacting Dubai Municipality’s hotline 800 900, or by email at or