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Dubai: An apple-sized tumour was removed from the brain of a 45-year-old woman who was visiting Dubai on holiday in February in a rare life-saving micro-surgery lasting 12 hours, Gulf News has learnt.

Recounting the case, Dr Haytham Eloqayli, consultant neuro and spinal surgeon at the Emirates Speciality Hospital in Dubai Healthcare City said: “The middle-aged lady came into the emergency room of our hospital semi concisous, with slurred speech, unable to move her limbs.

“An MRI and CT scan indicated that she had a meningioma measuring 5x6x5-cm at the base of her skull, affecting her major arteries and almost pressing into her eye socket. Her condition was life threatening as the tumour had grown to its maximum capacity and was pressing on her speech and movement centres and there was threat that it could have herniated and bulged into the spinal cord which would have been fatal.

“The patient said she had trouble for two years and was feeling increasingly lethargic, dull and depressed. However, since the tumour was growing at a slow pace, her body was adapting to the changes. Had she come in earlier, the tumour would have been much smaller and could have been removed in a shorter surgery.”

An efficient team of anaesthesiologists, doctors, nurses and technicians led by Dr Eloqayli carried out the high risk surgery.

A biopsy revealed the tumour to be benign. After a couple of weeks in hospital, the patient recovered completely and has since returned to Saudi Arabia with no ill-effects.

Dr Eloqayli warned that people should investigate any minor changes in one’s body such as frequent headaches, lethargy, difficulty in vision and speech and go in for early detection to prevent such conditions from becoming life threatening.

“Tumours can happen to anyone, but it can occur in those who are genetically predisposed, or have weak immunity, especially little kids and senior citizens. An MRI scan can easily detect the anomaly and save one’s life,” he added.