Pepsi bottles for sale at a supermarket in Haverhill, Massachussetts. PepsiCo hurt its core brands last quarter by shifting shelf space and marketing dollars away from its mainstay beverages Image Credit: AP

Dubai: The municipality on Sunday has denied the latest rumour circulating on social networking sites, which claimed that the Pepsi drink transmits Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS).

In a statement, Dubai Municipality said the rumour was a hoax since HIV cannot be transmitted through food.

Dubai Municipality said: “According to the World Health Organization, the transmission of this disease can only happen through:

  1. Blood, by co-use of needles, injections, cotton or transfusions.
  2. Sexual intercourse.
  3. AIDS can be transmitted from pregnant mothers to children.

“Therefore, HIV is not transmitted through food or drink altogether.”

Residents are urged to contact the municipality’s call centre for authenticating the unverified and confusing information they receive on social media.

Hotline and WhatsApp

Concerned residents can either call the call centre’s toll-free hotline number 800900 or notify it through the WhatsApp number +971 50 1077799.