Abu Dhabi: The Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD) has set a two year plan to spend around Dh80 million on breast cancer facilities after 2007 statistics showed that nearly 70 per cent of cancers in Abu Dhabi are detected late.

Some of the activities involved in the two year project to fight breast cancer include strengthening HAAD's existing network of facilities and equipment; recruiting additional staff; training and promoting health activities to ensure women are able to monitor their own care.

"Our analysis shows that if successful, the project will save more than 60 lives every year.

"The single most important message we want to send to women is: early detection saves lives. All women should examine their own bodies to check for the early signs of breast cancer," said Dr Oliver Harrison, Head of Public Health, HAAD.


Women should watch out for any lumps, changes in the skin or unusual discharge from the nipple, where all women over the age of 40 are advised to see a General Practitioner (GP) for an annual clinical breast examination and have a mammogram taken every two years, added officials from HAAD.

According to 2007 findings, around 150 cases of breast cancer are diagnosed each year in Abu Dhabi, including UAE nationals and non-nationals, making breast cancer the most common type of cancer among women.

"We will be working hard on health education to ensure these messages get through effectively to every community in the Emirate," added Harrison.