Dr Ali Al Dameh, Consultant Oncology Surgeon, American Hospital Dubai, says minimally-invasive and robotic surgeries are improving the gold standard of traditional open surgery Image Credit: Supplied

The first minimally-invasive Anatomical Lobectomy (major lung surgery) was performed at the American Hospital using state-of-the-art capabilities including 3-D high-definition visualisation of the chest cavity. Precise, flexible surgical tools used to make minimal incisions were also used to remove a lung cancer tumour from a Dubai resident in his 50s. Strategic investments in digitisation have boosted the ability of American Hospital Dubai’s healthcare professionals to better understand patient needs and provide better feedback, guidance, and support for maintaining one's health.

"Minimally-invasive and robotic surgeries are improving the gold standard of traditional open surgery," said Dr. Ali Al Dameh, Consultant Oncology Surgeon. "Unlike a thoracotomy (traditional lung surgery), which requires a long incision and often a long recovery, surgery using the VATS minimally-invasive technique is performed with three small incisions so spreading of the patient's ribs to access the lung is avoided. The end result is a more delicate and precise surgical procedure with smaller incisions, less post-operative pain and shorter hospital stays for most patients. American Hospital Dubai is committed to adopt the latest technologies and continues to deliver several industry-first procedures "

Dr Ali Al Dameh’s success in performing the first VATS lobectomy is a tremendous milestone for American Hospital Dubai - not only for the hospital's growing minimally invasive program, but also for lung surgery techniques used across the UAE, in line with the Dubai Government’s vision to become the most attractive destination for medical tourism in the region.

Traditional surgery in the chest cavity can be debilitating and often very painful. Surgeons must cut between the ribs in order to access the lung, leaving patients with a large incision on the side of their chest as well as a long and painful post-operative recovery. Lobectomies using high-definition minimally-invasive techniques enabled Dr Ali Al Dameh to remove a centralised tumuor from the patient’s right upper lung and dissecting major vessels from the beating heart without the need for large incisions or spreading of the ribs.

The procedure was completed in approximately four hours and the patient was discharged from the hospital just five days after being admitted with no post-operative pain. As a disruptor of the traditional view of medical care, American Hospital Dubai aims to support the community with the highest levels of patient-centric care.