Picture for illustrative purpose only Image Credit: Pixabay

Dubai: The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) has shared timely COVID-19-related advice for travellers. More people are expected to go on holiday this summer in light of the easing of the pandemic and related curbs globally.

On its Twitter account, MoHAP has listed guidelines for before, during and after travel.

Before travelling:

• Check the COVID-19 stats in areas where a new variant is spreading and travel only if necessary

• Vulnerable individuals such as the elderly, diabetics, and those with cardiovascular diseases must avoid travelling to areas where the virus is spreading, unless necessary

• Complete the recommended doses of the vaccine

While travelling:

• Wash your hands regularly (with soap and water or sanitisers with 70 per cent alcohol)

• Maintain physical distance with others

• Avoid crowded places

• Consult your doctor immediately if you feel sick

• Comply with local COVID-19 guidelines for travelling, transportation and gatherings

After travelling:

• Conduct a PCR test to ensure your safety and avoid spreading the virus