Be Keto
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We all know the saying health is wealth. Without our health nothing else really matters.

Be More Keto is a UAE-based keto meal plan provider. The brand was launched back in October 2019 to enable people to follow keto diet in a correct, practical and safe manner.

Keto diet has many benefits. People think that high fat means a negative impact on your health. However, keto is no sugar and it is common knowledge that sugar is the cause of inflammation in the body.

Keto diet may help lower blood sugar and improve insulin function and can be anti-inflammatory.

Keto has some controversies surrounding it. The truth is that there are far too many people who dive head first into keto not knowing how to follow it correctly.

Keto diet is about consuming healthy fats. Consuming lots of red meat followed by butter and cheese is absolutely not what keto stands for.

Nyma Peracha, Co-founder and CMO of Be More Keto

Be More Keto has carefully devised a plan to give you the optimum health benefits. Our flavourful menu offers a variety of eclectic and tasty continental dishes allowing our clients to enjoy their weight loss journey with us.

Eating keto is all about having the knowledge and support to ensure you follow it correctly. When done the right way, keto offers numerous health benefits.

Keto diet keeps you fuller for long. It reduces blood sugar levels. And fat loss is more effective and efficient than just following a low-carb diet.

If you have been struggling with weight loss due to a sluggish metabolism or hormonal issue, then keto could be the perfect answer.

Here at Be More Keto we offer an over-the-phone keto consultation with me (The Keto Girl). Aside from having an in-house keto expert, Be More Keto also has extremely helpful and friendly keto representatives to guide you through your keto journey.

Be More Keto has been in the market for almost three years and it’s just the beginning. We are currently expanding into new cities and the next step is hopefully to enter a new country in 2023.

For more information on how to get started on the perfect plan for you, contact 058 556 3991 on WhatsApp or email