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Al Ain Hospital has introduced technology-led services that allow patients to visually and vocally communicate with their first-degree family members, boosting their morale during their hospital stay. Image Credit: Supplied

Al Ain: Al Ain Hospital has introduced technology-led services that allow coronavirus patients to visually and vocally communicate to first degree relatives to help boost morale during their stay. The announcement is aligned with Department of Health - Abu Dhabi and the hospital’s mission to provide holistic support, enabling patients to improve psychological wellbeing, which has a direct impact on improving their treatment and condition.

Mohammed Salem Thaaloub Alderei, Chief Operating Officer, Al Ain Hospital, Al Ain Hospital, said: “With patient experience and comfort our top priority, we are committed to providing a unique model of care with a truly integrated approach that focuses on both medical and psychological wellbeing treatment methods. From the moment a patient walks through our doors, we are committed to providing a wholly holistic experience to ensure they are fully supported throughout their treatment journey.”

Abdulla Gharib Al Darmaki, Patient Experience Director, Al Ain Hospital, said: “We have introduced a new unit that comprises of members from the Patient Affairs and clinical teams, who, from 8am to 10pm, are responsible for ensuring ICU patients have access to an easy and consistent method of remotely communicating with their family members. Not only does this provide patients with a large motivation boost, it also allows the patients’ medical teams to focus solely on the patients’ physical needs and wellbeing.”

Patient family members who wish to avail this service and speak to their relatives are encouraged to call 03 702 2960 or 03 702 2962. Their identity will be first confirmed, in line with UAE laws and regulations before they are patched through to their relative.

Humaid Abdulla Al Shehi, Patient Relation Senior Officer, Al Ain Hospital, said: “The introduction of these communication services enable us to support our frontline staff as they focus on providing excellent care to our patients, while simultaneously elevating patients’ comfort levels and making sure that both their medical and non-medical needs are taken care of.”

The new unit includes four patient affairs employees and three nurses and doctors. The hospital has also dedicated a room outside the inpatient department that hosts a large screen that allows one family member to video call their relative. The room has been prepared in line with safety and precautionary methods.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Al Ain hospital staff joined lectures and workshops aimed at developing their expertise in dealing with senior patients, particularly from a psychological wellbeing standpoint, the results of which are beneficial today, allowing the facility to ensure that all patients are provided with 360-degree care.

The launch of these new services further position Al Ain as a fully-integrated medical facility that adheres to best-practice in HealthTech and advanced treatment methods, providing the community in Al Ain City and its surrounding areas medical services that meet and exceed world-class standards and benchmarks.