A police chief in a central Philippine precinct has reportedly ordered a barber to be detained for giving him a bad haircut. The daily Sun.Star Cebu newspaper reported that Senior Inspector Mario Molinar went to the neighbourhood ‘Style Barbershop’ on Friday to have his hair trimmed, but was not pleased with the service. However, when he complained, the disgruntled barber apparently got out his electric razor and shaved his client’s head. At this point Molinar introduced himself as a police officer and confronted the barber, the Sun.Star Cebu reported. He summoned two of his subordinates and took Tacumba to the station where he was detained. Image Credit: Rex Features

Dubai: There’s no room for unhygienic practices in beauty centres. And when hairdressers pull out their scissors and brushes, authorities in Dubai are giving their seal of approval.

Dubai Municipality has made 8,737 visits to 3,592 beauty centres since the beginning of 2018 as part of its year-round campaign in curbing health violations in salons.

Up until now, the municipality issued warnings to 5,245 hair salons who failed to adhere to the standard practises of hygiene, which included the failure to disinfect tools and employees who refused to wear a uniform.

•  34 unhygienic cafeterias closed in Sharjah
•  44 food outlets temporarily closed in Dubai

The Department of Health and Safety is the concerned section at the municipality in ensuring the public’s well-being at commercial establishments, and have issued a number of guidelines for salons to follow.

According to Dubai Municipality’s health code, salons are required to sterilise equipment and tools, provide sufficient clean towels for each customer, and grooming products such as tweezers and blades should be washed and cleaned with hot water, soap and disinfected after each use.

Customers that come across unhygienic practices at salons can file a complaint on Dubai Municipality’s toll free number 800 900.

Is your salon hygienic?

To find out the sanitary conditions of hair salons or beauty centres, here is a quick checklist:

  1. Was the salon generally neat and clean?
  2. Did the technician/therapist wash or sanitise their hands before catering to a customer?
  3. Were tools and equipment washed and disinfected?
  4. Were towels in the bathrooms and treatment rooms clean?
  5. Were products in the treatment rooms clean and packaging in good condition?
  6. If gowns or slippers were provided, were they clean and in good condition?

Source: Mystery Shopper Checklist