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Dubai: We turned 43 on September 30 this year and who better to celebrate our milestones with than you, our readers. We asked some of our loyal readers to share their journey with us. Here is what they said.

Growing up with Gulf News

Dr Ayesha Al Janahi, a Dubai-based Emirati, said she grew up with Gulf News. She said: “For more than 10 years, I have been a print subscriber of Gulf News. In 2011, I started sharing my views, perspectives and recommendations with Gulf News, about the right way to raise children, protect them, and follow healthy parenting.

“I have always found that the staff of the Gulf News are always nice, friendly and cooperative to their readers, which is very rare to see in these times. Moreover, talking about the online content, it is rich and direct to the point, and web users can find the robust information easily without needing to spend hours looking for it. Moreover, the online platform is well organised and user friendly, and readers can be up to date with all the trending topics and the latest news inside and outside the UAE.

“Also, the platform is very effective where it delivers the news based on categories, which eases the process for online readers. Besides, the news platform has a presence on social media, which is helpful for me to get the news in time. I wish the Gulf News and its team all the best.”

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Positive and unbiased reporting

Indian expatriate Eappen Elias is a huge fan of Gulf News. When we asked him to share his experience, he was thrilled. In Dubai for the last 40 years, the logistics manager never misses reading Gulf News daily and asks his daughter to do the same.

He said: “I have been an ardent fan of Gulf News and have been a dedicated print reader since 1991. As technology improves, change is inevitable, and as a reader, we too change as time goes on. I am an online subscriber of www.gulfnews.com, too, and it is easy for me to watch videos, view photo slide shows, and it is more interactive. My day begins with Gulf News when I manage to spare an hour before leaving to work to read the important news. I also follow the Gulf News page on Facebook, so it is easy to read the important news as it breaks.

“In addition, one can see positive and unbiased reporting from around the world. My journey with Gulf News has been enjoyable, I have seen it grow and change in size over the years, and my association with Gulf News continues to date.

“During the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown, Gulf News was the only companion from outside while we were working from home. It was delivered to our doorstep wrapped in a plastic cover; it reminds us how Gulf News cared about us during the pandemic. May this newspaper continue to be the best for years to come. I wish the team the very best, and I proudly join Gulf News for its 43rd anniversary celebrations.”

A progressive media house

Pakistani expatriate Syeda Mahin Jafri recalls her memory with Gulf News. A banker in Sharjah, Jafri has been a loyal print subscriber of Gulf News since 2007.

She said: “In my memory, Gulf News is the earliest but most progressive newspaper in the UAE. I remember our dad reading it daily. Moreover, of course, not missing any page. I have always found the content and quality of Gulf News better and wholesome than any other newspaper in the market. I have noticed that Gulf News cover social issues without any additional hype.

“When I became a Reader’s club member, I chose Gulf News, as I saw the concerns raised were being addressed too! Born in Oman and moved to Dubai right after, we had only one known newspaper — Gulf News. Later in 2007, I also joined the Gulf News family as a subscriber. The online platform of Gulf News is as good as it can be. I find it easily navigates to the desired page and is user friendly. There was a time back in the 1990s, when there used to be a ‘Junior’ magazine that came out every Wednesday, if I am not wrong. We used to wait the whole week for it, as it had articles for us kids. It had a poster and all sorts of puzzles and prizes for children. Those are good old memories for me. I wish all the best to Gulf News on its 43rd anniversary.”

Providing unbiased, quality content

Dubai-based Filipina architect, Marby De Guzman has been living in the UAE for about two decades. She has been a loyal reader of Gulf News and she said: “Gulf News has been a massive part of me as an expatriate living in the UAE. Since 2006 when I arrived here, Gulf News has been with me, keeping me abreast with everything that is going on in the country and the world, searching for job opportunities and looking for exciting places and events for weekends; readers can find everything in Gulf News. Before, I had the printed newspaper every day, and now that technology has advanced, Gulf News has adapted very well, providing digital content available to everyone. Moreover, I loved that Gulf News is unbiased, providing up-to-date information, especially since the start of the pandemic. I wish Gulf News the very best on its 43rd anniversary, and may it continue to prosper and deliver informative and exciting news to all its readers.”

Accuracy of facts

Indian expatriate Ganga Govind is an early riser whose day begins with Gulf News. The tendering manager in a Dubai company said the print edition is a part of her daily routine.

She said: “As a subscriber of Gulf News since 2000, I have nothing but good things to say about the newspaper. It’s a unique and memorable journey for my family with the newspaper. During those days, I would rely entirely on the newspaper to get all relevant news worldwide.

“My children started reading the newspaper very early, which helped them collect information for their school projects. Even though I have subscribed to the online platform, sometimes I still love the feel of holding the newspaper and read it while sipping a cup of hot coffee in the morning. The accuracy of facts and the credibility of the newspaper make it stand out from other news sources. The passion and the effort taken by every Gulf News team member is visible in the quality of the content. During the COVID-19 pandemic when there was too much confusion and information, Gulf News published fact-based stories. It helped me stay updated with the protocols and rules, which I’m sure all of you can relate to. I heartily wish Gulf News my warm regards on the 43rd anniversary.”

A platform for every genre

Russian expatriate Julia Pavlovska has been living in the UAE for the last few years. She has been an ardent online reader of www.gulfnews.com and said that she finds Gulf News as the right platform to stay updated. An art advisor in Dubai, she said: “I had such a positive experience being a digital Gulf News reader since I joined. Living prior for seven years in London, I was looking for the right digital publication in the Middle East to stay updated on the latest news and trends in Arts and Culture. The publication is innovative, informative and reports about the latest art exhibitions and cultural events so that when I am travelling or back in town, I know what’s on in the UAE. Gulf News is literally the voice of the people. They interact so well with the people and bring out all the information we want to know. I wish the very best to the entire team of Gulf News on its 43rd anniversary.”