20210421 gulf news ceo
Abdul Hamid Ahmad, CEO and Editor-in-Chief, Gulf News Image Credit: Gulf News archives

Dubai: The year 2021 has been a tough one because of the pandemic but Gulf News managed to sail through these difficult times. This would not have happened without the staunch support of our readers and their loyalty to Gulf News, built over the decades.

We witnessed this support, especially when we launched our print subscription campaign towards the start of this year, which ended with an extremely successful run because of the loyal readers who renewed their commitment to us. In addition, this year, in April, we launched our digital subscription — a first in the region, which too is proving to be successful. Just like our print readers, our digital readers did not hesitate to come on board as Gulf News marks its 43rd anniversary on September 30

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All of this support means a lot for everyone in Gulf News — we place immense importance on it, as it was built over the years. We always listen to and respect our readers, for it is the foundation of Gulf News and its journalism a special ‘thank you’ to all our readers, print and digital, who keep reading and engaging with us every day.

Digital verticals

This year has also been a successful for Gulf News because we explored new content avenues with digital verticals that cater to the needs of our readers and help them in their daily lives. Our special sections include Living in UAE, Your Money, Special Reports, UAE Success Stories, Parenting, Food, Games and Expo 2020 Dubai — which have all done extremely well. It also proves our belief that readers look beyond the news to be better informed and aid them in their individual decision-making process.

Readers's trust

In fact, we saw that as the pandemic progressed, our readers’ trust in Gulf News grew stronger — they found that all our content is verified, in-depth and sourced.

Lastly, as we witness the end of previous pandemic-related restrictions and everything opens up, we wish our readers the very best, as always, along with the incredible experiences that await them with Expo 2020 Dubai opening tonight.