Voters at Abu Dhabi Energy Center today, October 7, the main and last day of voting in the 2023 FNC elections Image Credit: Afra Al Nofeli/Gulf News

Abu Dhabi: Emiratis are casting their votes today, the main day of the Federal National Council (FNC) elections, to select 20 candidates for the 40-member FNC.

Today (October 7) is the final day of voting, which is taking place at 24 centres in the UAE and, for the first time, online as well. Voting started at 8am and will end at 8pm, amidst “remarkable turnout” from members of electoral colleges to cast their votes, the National Elections Committee said.

The preliminary results are scheduled to be announced this evening and the final results tomorrow, October 8.

Voting at Zayed University in Abu Dhabi
Voting at Zayed University in Abu Dhabi Image Credit: Afra Al Nofeli/Gulf News

Last opportunity

The National Elections Committee said the main election day, today, represents an opportunity for voters who did not vote during the early voting period (October 4 and 5), and the day designated for remote voting only (October 6), to participate in this national duty. The Committee urged all voters to activate the digital ID system and download the ‘Sharek for the Emirates’ and ‘National Elections Committee’ smart applications, so that they can vote remotely, whether from inside or outside the country.

Voters at Dubai World Trade Centre for 2023 FNC elections
Voters at Dubai World Trade Centre Image Credit: Ahmad Al Otbi/Gulf News

Full readiness

The Committee confirmed the complete readiness of all election centers and the digital infrastructure of the voting system, as all capabilities have been provided that guarantee the highest standards of accuracy for the electoral process, and enable voters to vote easily.

The National Elections Committee called on voters to leave the election center after completing the voting process, to make room for other voters to cast their votes, unless the person is a candidate or an agent for one of the candidates, in which case he o she has the right to attend the polling and counting processes.

The National Elections Committee also called on all candidates, their agents and supporters to refrain from practicing any forms of electoral campaigning on the day of the main election. The Committee pointed out that the voter is allowed to cast his or her vote in any election center, whether in the emirate to which he belongs or in any other emirate.

The National Elections Committee stated that the initial results of the 2023 Federal National Council elections will be officially announced at the main election center in Abu Dhabi Energy Centre, after the complete completion of the voting process on the main election day.