The UAE The UAE Ministry of Interior has called upon media organisations not to circulate or disseminate any information not published by the relevant authorities. Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: The UAE Ministry of Interior has called upon media not to circulate or disseminate any information not published by the relevant authorities, explaining that the deportation of African workers was carried out in accordance with legal procedures.

Moreover, this was based on conclusive and documented evidence that these organisations, which are prostitution networks, were involved in human trafficking, indecent acts and extortion and assault cases that threatened the security of society.

The ministry noted in a statement that many complaints have been received in the region about the issue of the arrest, detention, and deportation of African workers. In this regard, the ministry wishes to clarify that the arrests that took place on June 24 and 25, involving 376 women and men, were carried out as part of legal procedures to address crimes related to human trafficking and cases of harm to women and extortion, assault and acts contrary to public morality, the statement added.

Comprehensive law to combat human trafficking

Those arrested were found to be involved in these crimes, as the UAE was proactive in enacting a comprehensive law to combat human trafficking and preserve the rights of all groups in society in a way that protects the victims and punishes the violators, while deterring those who commit such crimes.

The UAE takes these crimes seriously and responsibly in order to protect the society and victims from these crimes, stressing that the measures taken were in accordance with international legal standards and coordinated with the embassies of the countries to which those involved belonged.

Providing all forms of support to the detainees

The statement noted that the necessary precautionary measures were adopted in accordance with the COVID-19 pandemic with regard to social distancing and the regular testing of detainees in order to provide all forms of support to the detainees to ensure their physical and psychological safety.

Moreover, the detainees and the mechanism of dealing with them and the charges against them were reviewed by the ambassadors of the friendly countries concerned, noting that a large number of them were deported, with the remaining 50 individuals lacking the appropriate travel documents.

Media reports lacking in accuracy

The statement stressed that the UAE and its institutions are committed to full transparency in dealing with these issues, noting that they were surprised that the authors of the media report and that which was circulated by the media did not refer to the relevant authorities in the country to investigate the accuracy of the matter.

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International organisations following the issue should have communicated with the relevant authorities, as these allegations were inconsistent with the legal foundations of the UAE’s criminal justice system, and UAE legislation is based on justice, equality and the preservation of human dignity.

Moreover, the ministry categorically denied the report’s racist suggestions, stressing that the UAE adopts strict laws and practices with regard to non-discrimination in all cases.